Monday, February 21, 2011

Brewday - Saison du Cornwall

My current craze for all things Belgian continues with this beer, the Saison du Cornwall. Named for the street where Basement Breweries is located, where several of the herbs in its recipe grow wild, it uses rosemary, sage, parsley and thyme. It is inspired by the Saison du Buff, a beer I reviewed previously that was a collaborative effort between three US microbreweries.

In contrast to my last saison, The Harvester, which was brewed to be classic and understated, the Saison du Cornwall is a much more experimental effort. I diversified the grain bill slightly, adding some Munich malt, and reduced the hops to allow the herbs to shine through. In addition, I added some grains of paradise, a spice of ancient lineage that carries a hot peppery bite and an aroma of fragrant juniper. This is by far the most experimental beer I have brewed and I'm very excited to try the finished product sometime next month.
Grains of Paradise

Geek Info

All Grain

8 lbs. Pilsner Malt      64%
3 lbs. Vienna Malt      24%
1 lb. Wheat Malt         8%
8 oz. Munich Malt       4%

2 oz. Goldings (pellets)                       60 mins - 8 HBU
1 oz. East Kent Goldings (pellets)      30 mins
0.5oz. East Kent Goldings (pellets)    15 mins
1 oz. Czech Saaz (pellets)                 3 mins

Herbs and Spices (all herbs fresh and organic)
0.6 oz. Parsley                                   3 mins
0.4 oz. Thyme                                    3 mins
0.4 oz. Sage                                       3 mins
0.2 oz. Rosemary                              3 mins
0.25 tsp. Grains of Paradise              3 mins

Wyeast 3711 French Saison

OG:              1.055
Target FG:   1.007
Target abv:   6.5%


  1. How did this beer turn out? I liked the Saison du Buff, and I like this recipe. I'm gonna brew it tomorrow!


  2. It turned out well and it won third place at the VanBrewers home brew competition in the Belgian category. I have wanted to brew it again for some time, and the main changes I would make is using half the total herbs as I felt they were too prevalent and probably a quarter (or less)the rosemary as it overpowered the others somewhat. If you do brew this let me know what you did and how it turns out, I'd be keen to know.

  3. Hi BB,
    I did brew this. In fact I shared the last one yesterday. It turned out quite good. I down sized the spice as you suggested and used white pepper instead of grains of paradise. The rosemary was still quite strong even after a couple months in the bottle. I plan to brew it again one day. Thanks again for sharing the recipe!