Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brewday - Beast of Burden Brown Porter

A precursor to Stout, the porter was a drink popular with 18th century labourers, such as porters, and it is from these workers it may have taken its name.

Since I've just written a review of Driftwood's Blackstone Porter, I figured it was time for Basement Breweries to tackle this style, as it is a beer I've wanted to brew for some time.

With the dark, dry Woodsplitter Espresso Stout currently in the lineup, I decided I wanted to try something a bit different, and thus struck on the idea of a Brown Porter. A Brown Porter often has softer, sweeter flavours than the darker Robust Porter, and has less of a dark or roasted grain character. It also usually has less alcohol, which is good seeing as several of the beers I have produced this winter, such as the Half Pounder' and the Good King Wenceslas Christmas Stout have been highly potent, to say the least.

The end goal is a smooth and satisfying session beer for the winter season. For an added twist I've added a small amount of peated malt to lend a smoky, earthiness to the chocolate and crystal malts used in the mash. Keep checking in for more info as this beer gets closer to being ready for the glass.

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