Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brewday - Making the Half Pounder'

The Half Pounder' Double IPA is probably the most popular beer I've ever made. Featuring a half pound of whole cone hops it fulfills the wildest dreams of any hophead. With popularity however, goes consumption, and my 20 liter supply quickly dwindled to just a few bottles. The time was at hand for a new batch of the Pounder'.

This beer is all about the hops and to emphasize this it employs a brewing technique called continuous hopping. This technique comes from the different minute IPAs (60 minute, 90 minute, 120 minute) of the innovative Delaware brewery Dogfish Head. When these beers are made, instead of hops being added to the kettle at set intervals, they are continuously added throughout the entire boil making for a seamless transition between hop bitterness, flavour and aroma. Although labour intensive, the finished product makes it well worthwhile.

These photos should give an idea of what goes into home brewing the Half Pounder'.

The hops, weighed and ready to go

Continuously hopping
This hard work requires refreshment

Straining the hops. Thats a big bag.

Taking a gravity reading (the potential alcohol content)

And finally, adding the yeast.

Geek Info

Mini Mash

9.5 lbs LME                  68%
4 lbs. 2-row barley       29%
4 oz. 60L crystal malt    2%
4 oz. Munich malt          2%


Hop Schedule

OG:                  1.073
Target FG:       1.010
Target abv:       8.5%


  1. I love the visuals!! :D Mmm can't wait to try batch #2 and test your consistency. ;)

  2. Man, the pressure is on. It should be ready to drink in about 3 weeks so we can put it to the test then,

  3. Haha! No pressure, I'm sure it will be amazing. I have yet to try a beer you've made that wasn't amazing. Well, maybe the lager, but I'm just not a lager girl. :P

  4. Hey Im with you on the lager, it's not called Langford Lager for nothing! But then again I know some people who love it... by the way, you'll have to check out my new Imperial Stout, I think you'll enjoy it,

  5. I just had the Twenty Pounder the other week and it was amazing - best Canadian 2xIPA yet I'd Say.

    Im almost ready to bottle my version .....the Double DIPA! Just waiting for the dry hops to finish.


  6. Nice! Glad to hear you're down with the Twenty Pound. I've taken some flack for digging that beer but I stand by it, its the shit. Looking forward to your IPA when its ready, sounds pretty good...