Monday, January 10, 2011

Review - Driftwood Blackstone Porter

This is the second year Driftwood has released its seasonal Blackstone Porter. It is a London style porter, a beer that may have taken its name from the labourers, such as porters, with whom it was popular. It pours black with distinct ruby brown highlights and an off-white head that is quick to fade and has a subtle coffee-chocolate aroma from the dark malts used in the mash. Driftwood used a partial sour mash in the recipe and this gentle tartness is evident in the entry and the finish and blends well with the Blackstone's traditional dry bitterness that is often characteristic of a porter.The flavour is well balanced with a roasted and dry malt character, but the body is perhaps slightly on the thin side. Not since the days of Hugo's brewpub has a Victoria brewery produced a porter of this caliber, demonstrating once again Driftwood's ability to produce top quality true-to-style beer.

Rating: Very Good

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