Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Beer from Lighthouse - Deckhand Belgian Saison

Lighthouse's new release has me excited because it's a local example of a beer style I've been getting into lately. The saison was originally brewed in farmhouses in French-speaking Belgium for the workers bringing in the harvest. Because every farm brewed its own version of this beer, it can be a very flexible style, but was made to be sturdy enough to survive the warm months, but still refreshing enough to quench the thirst of the farm labourers. This is a beer that was thought to be under threat of extinction not so long ago, but seems to be undergoing a resurgence of late.

This is the third beer in Lighthouse's series of "Small Brewery - Big Flavour" and is quite strong at 8% abv. True-to-style it is unfiltered, meaning like homebrew it contains sediment, and is best poured into one or more glasses, preferably in one motion, leaving the last of the beer along with the sediment in the bottle. Check in to Basement Breweries again soon as I will review this as well as one or two foreign versions, and hopefully release plans for the creation of a saison of my own.

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