Friday, November 11, 2011

Review - Jolly Pumpkin Weizen Bam

Its been awhile since I've posted a beer review, but during a quick trip to the Cook St. Liquor Village to buy my roommate a replacement beer after a recent party, I found myself walking out with Weizen Bam, from Jolly Pumpkin. For myself, of course.

Jolly Pumpkin is a brewery that Im pretty stoked on. Specialising in Belgian-style brews, they label their bottles with the batch number and brew date, use unique 750 ml bottles, and are into bottle fermenting. I love these guys. I haven't seen their products in Canada before, so when I saw this one on the shelf, I jumped at the opportunity.

Weizen Bam is a German style hefeweizen that has had wild and sour yeasts added to it. It pours a light straw-like gold, with an intensely thick, white head that only bottle refermenting can achieve. It has a nicely spicy, phenolic nose with hints of lemon citrus. It enters tart, and quickly becomes very refreshing with more flavours of mildly tart lemon. The saison lover in me was hungering for a bit more substance but once I got into the refreshing nature of the wheat I started loving this beer. For a sour beer it is pretty mild, more tart than sour really, and intensely drinkable. It really reminded me of the beer that the fantastic Portland brewery Upright is producing. Weizen Bam is a refreshing brew that is interesting but also very drinkable and I would recommend it to anyone who wasn't offended by tart flavours.
Rating: Very Good

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