Friday, July 15, 2011

Review - Upright Brewing Seven

Over the past several months I have written a number of reviews of beers from Upright Brewing out of Portland, Oregon. Overall, I have found their beers to be interesting, unique and of high quality. The fact that their house yeast strain, Wyeast 3711, is one of my favourites, the same yeast I have used in a number of beers including Disheveled Dwarf and The Harvester, has only made me enjoy them all the more. As their beers have been such a treat in the past I was looking forward to reviewing Seven, the last of Upright's offerings I had yet to write about.

Seven is described as a "golden beer," and its deep gold hue certainly lives up to this billing. Typical of the yeast used in this beer, it has a lightly spicy, phenolic aroma. The first taste reveals flavours of pear that are recognisable throughout. It is a dry beer, but not bone dry, and it is well carbonated, but not to the extent of other beers I have sampled from Upright. Seven has a slight bite that hints at its 8% abv, and is, in my opinion, perhaps somewhat too fruity for this type of beer. The flavour of pear that predominates also makes this beer somewhat one-dimensional, and I would have to say that it is just not very special. Seven is not as spectacular a beer as I've come to expect from Upright, but it is still for the most part a good beer that is enjoyable and fairly drinkable.
Rating: Good


  1. I just came across this blog the other day, thanks for doing it! I'm fairly new to this stuff and I've been looking for the "homebrew community" in Victoria. Good to see there is one!

  2. Hey WestCoast, ya the "homebrew community" here is actually a bit hard to track down and definitely a bit light on organisation. With luck that will change a bit as Im trying to organise a home brew club/guild that will hopefully be up and running some time in September. If you're interested write me at the email address under "About BB". Cheers