Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Basement Brewing at Moon Under Water

This past Sunday I spent a great day brewing at Victoria's newest brewpub, Moon Under Water. Don, Ron, and Bonnie Bradley, the proprietors of Moon, were good enough to allow me into the inner sanctum of the pub to help out with a bit of brewing. Ron and myself spent the day labouring over the incredible nano-brew rig (55L batches) constructed in entirety by Don (the elder Bradley), a contraption that just about any homebrewer would kill for.
We hatched a plan to do a double brew of one of the most popular styles of beer: pale ale. First we would brew a Belgian Pale Ale, and then an American Pale Ale. The twist was that both beers would have nearly identical ingredients, the malt bill would be Belgian-styled, and the hops would be Cascadian. The only difference was the yeast; we used Moon's house strain for the American and a Belgian strain for the Belgian. This should be a great example of what a difference Belgian yeast reallly makes. Hopefully both these beers will be available to sample some time in the near future at Moon (if I didn't stuff it up that is). If you haven't made it out to Moon Under Water yet you really should, they have a new stout on tap that is aged on sour cherries, and their food and regular beers are great as well. It's located at 350 Bay Street, right by the Bay Street Bridge, on the downtown side.


  1. That's a great collaboration project. Can't wait to give it a try. That's one advantage of doing full 55L batches you can play around with yeast and fill 3 corny kegs with the results!

  2. December 29th. I went to the Moon this afternoon and had a glass of both the Pale Ales that you made with Ron. I like the Belgian style the best; lots of flavors of fruit, hops and candy sweetness. Hard to describe the complex taste, except great! The American pale ale was very good too.

  3. Im really glad you got a chance to try them Terry. The Belgian was my favourite as well, but I was happy with both. Im looking forward now to my homebrewed Belgian Pale Ale, should be ready in a couple weeks.