Saturday, September 3, 2011

Basement Brewer is Back with Big News

At long last I am back. The summer was a little slow in stretches, with very few fires in the province to keep me occupied, but two tours to Alberta and a late deployment to Ontario managed to pass the time. Now I am back in Victoria, and ready to revive Basement Breweries once again. Look for another Homebrew Shindig in the future, once me and some of my cohorts can brew enough beer. Also I will still be posting reviews, but now my homebrew efforts will resume, so look for many future posts on all my fermentation adventures. Also, a local homebrew group is starting up, something I'm very excited to see grow into a great resource for new, veteran, and aspiring homebrewers around Victoria, so look here for info on that.

I also have some pretty big news to announce. After a couple emails and a casual interview/tour of the brewery, Matt Phillips has agreed to let me join the Phillips crew starting next week! It's been a dream of mine to work in a brewery for some time, and Im super excited that it's going to happen. The fact the job is in Victoria, and with a brewer whose products I respect and whose rags to riches story is one of industry legend, well... let's just say Im pretty stoked. I can't wait to start learning how the commercial boys get 'er done, wish me luck everyone!


  1. Wahoo! Thats super cool news man! Congratulations! I only wish I could be tasting some of your brews... Paul G (NZ)

  2. Hey! Great news John. I knew from the moment that I first talked to you that you were born to brew beer. I hope that you have a great time working with Matt and his crew. They have a lot to teach you and you will have fun working in that company. Enjoy the learning experience.
    You have a passion for great beer and this is the job where you belong, not working in a forest fire.

  3. Thanks a lot guys. I can't wait to get started... so much to learn, should be fun!