Friday, May 13, 2011

Vancouver Home Brewing Competition Results

The results are in for the 2011 VanBrewer Awards and it looks like it was a hotly contested event. With a grand prize of $3000, plus having your beer brewed by Russell Brewing it received a lot of attention, with over 320 entries from all across the country.
Congratulations go out to Rick August from Regina Saskatchewan who took first and third overall. His Russian Imperial Stout took the Golden Stag award for Best in Show and will be brewed by Russell Brewing in the near future. Congrats also have to go out to Victoria's own Dave Shaykewich who took home a number of ribbons, including 2nd for Pilsner, 1st and 2nd for English Pale Ale, and 1st and 3rd for Scottish and Irish Ale. For his numerous top beers he received the Home Brewer of the Year award, nice work Dave! The only other person from the Island to hit the ribbons was yours truly, the Basement Brewer, with a 3rd place showing for my Saison du Cornwall in the Belgian and French Ale category. I'm definitely pleased as this was one of the most highly entered categories of the contest. Next up on the home brewing circuit is the Victoria Amateur Brewing Contest, put on by CAMRA, so stay tuned for news as this contest approaches later this month.


  1. wowsers, way to go man. Accolades!

  2. Great news John, Congrats! Peregrina

  3. I'm not at all surprised by your result, John. You are the pride of Victoria homebrewers.

    On a related note, I've dusted off my carboy, washed my old grain bag and bought a new bung & air-lock. I've made a traditional Korean unpasteurized rice beer called makkoli. And I've got a batch of traditional mead fermenting away. I'd like to invite you over for samples soon.


  4. Sounds amazing YRS, I'd love to try some of that makkoli, that's a new one to me. Maybe you should bring some along to the next tasting party some time in the fall. I may have to try brewing up some Finnish sahti made with juniper berries to go with it.