Friday, March 18, 2011

Review - Green Flash Brewing Imperial IPA

The Green Flash Brewing Co. is known for their big beers, and this one is no exception. With 101 IBU's (International Bitterness Units), 9.4% abv and the word Imperial printed in huge letters on the bottle, this is clearly not a session beer. I'm a fan of their West Coast IPA so I was excited to try this bigger, bolder brew.

This beer is somewhat cloudy with a nearly saison-like orangey gold hue and a creamy head. Its aroma is a nicely complex mixture of earthy, fruity, and citrus hops. Its has an intense flavour of pungently earthy hops with citrus notes. This quickly blends into an intensely bitter finish that showcases every bit of this beer's 101 IBU's. Although I found the finish to be somewhat harsh I definitely enjoyed this beer; its earthy hop character made for a refreshing change from the predominant grapefruit flavour of many North American IPA's. If you love hop flavour and bitterness as well as crushing amounts of alcohol (as I do), then this beer is probably for you.
Rating: Very Good


  1. I try to make sure to always have this one in the store. I love ma hop bombs, and this one delivers.

  2. It sure does. It reminds me of some of the beers from the Port Brewing Co. (I'm not sure if you stock any of these)

  3. Nope. Can't yet. Working on it though ;)
    Also, if you haven't had Port Townsend Brewing yet, they make both a mean IPA and a mean Stout.

  4. I tried some of their beer at the winter beer fest down in Seattle, but I tried a lot of beers that night and can't remember how they were. I'll give them a try again next time I see them,